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Sunday, July 26, 2015

Kateri 17: Radical truth

Saint Kateri, circa 1690  (PD)
Diogenes can finally lay down that lantern.  Sincerity is sure to abound at the upcoming 17th Annual Kateri Peace Conference.

The 2015 theme for this always-engaging conference is “Truth Tellers: Radical Honesty in the Age of Deception.”

Living in denial has not only messed up our modern times, but also most of human history.  Repeating the same old war-mongering lies does not make them truer, just deadlier.

By either believing these lies, or refusing to believe alternative truths, society is condemning itself to a world of constant violence.  It’s well past time to break that cycle.

The keynoters at this conference know firsthand whereof they speak.  They have literally given body, mind and heart to the belief that non-violence is not just the goal, but also the means.

These conference leaders include Sister Megan Rice, Reverend Felicia Parazaider, Kay Olan, John Amidon, Michael Walli, Maureen Aumand, Matthew Hoh, Robert Shetterly, Nick Mottern and Medea Benjamin.

Kateri 17 will be held at The National Kateri Tekakwitha Shrine in Fonda, New York.  This sacred spot is where Saint Kateri Tekakwitha spent some of her blessed youth.


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