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Tuesday, July 28, 2015

Hawking: 'There is no bigger question'

Yuri Milner (Photo by Debray Riveros)
For some, life is all about the BIG questions.  The “must know” inquiry for famed physicist Stephen Hawking is whether or not life exists in other pockets of the Universe.

Spurred on by recent knowledge about potentially life-supporting worlds, Hawking now finds it “quite likely” that “humans are not alone.”

Gregory Katz of the Associated Press reports that Hawking is teaming up with fellow physicist “Russian-born billionaire Yuri Milner” in order to diligently search for alien life.

Their $100-million project will “combine vast computing capacity with the world’s most powerful telescopes.”  Although these scientists will be intently listening for detectable radio signals,
they themselves will not be broadcasting any messages.

This one-way communication flow is largely due to Hawking’s precautions against alerting possibly-hostile races to our existence.  If such beings are advanced enough to receive our messages. they may also be advanced enough to plunder our fertile planet.

Nevertheless, the need to know apparently outweighs the fear of finding out.  Hawking has emphatically stated:  We are alive.  We are intelligent.  We must know.       


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