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Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Christian fashion: 'Modest is hottest'

(Western Fashion, 1794-1887)
Some might consider the phrase "Christian fashion" to be an oxymoron. Their logic might sound something like this: "If God wanted me to look taller (or shorter, take your pick), He would have given me a longer (shorter…) torso to begin with."

That kind of logic can be quite limiting.  It ignores the fact that our God-given bodies are constantly being transformed by the choices that we make.  The foods that we eat, the thoughts that we think, the actions that we perform – all leave their imprint.  Why then should the clothes that we wear
be any different?  We appreciate worldly gifts by wrapping them with fine ribbons; why not appreciate God's most precious gift of the human body by "wrapping" it with complementary fashion?

Shari Braendel is a nationally-known Christian speaker who specializes in
teaching females to appreciate their God-given beauty via fashion.  Unlike
some runway "experts" that put forth the message that "clothes make the person," Braendel is rooted in the premise that people are intrinsically beautiful.  Writer Judy James explains that Braendel's focus is to "help girls to dress in a way that lets who they [already] are shine through." 

This focus embraces the philosophy that "modest is indeed hottest."   Clothing should therefore "highlight her [a female's] entire being – rather than just a few suggestive regions…"   In this way "who she is and what she is saying comes through."


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