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Thursday, February 21, 2013

Brooklyn love: 50 years and counting

Marty Markowitz (by David Shankbone)
Although Brooklyn, New York isn't usually thought of as the love capital of the world, Borough President Marty Markowitz might
be changing all that via his yearly parties for couples who are married longer than 50 years.

According to MSN News, this year's celebration was held at the El Caribe Country Club in Mill Basin.  Over 300 couples were expected to partake in the festivities, which included music, cake and champagne.  Kisses were - of course – encouraged as Markowitz (himself married a "mere" 13 years) declared the guests to be "married forever."

But every party has its price…  In this case, spouses were urged to reveal their "secret formulas" for marital longevity.

72-year "marital veterans" Fortunato and Maddalena Corso had this to say:  You've got to love each other and you've got to work at it together.  Their daughter (who currently lives with them in Bensonhurst) added:  You don't go to bed madThat's what he [Fortunato] believes in.

Faina Shamrakov, married 58 years to husband David - whom she met when they were both medical students in the Ukraine, explained:  We have the same interests – we worked together…  We do everything together.

Murray and Esther Redlitz, Holocaust survivors, have been married for 66 years.  Murray advised:  You've got to know each other for a while and then compromise.  Think what the other thinks.  Don't be selfish.

Getting to know these wonderful couples has helped Marty Markowitz to conclude:  Here's the secret: Happy wife, happy life.  It's as simple as that…  It makes your life so much better if they're happy

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