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Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Kanye West: Speaking up about religion

Kanye West (by Renan Facciolo)
Kanye West is far from shy when it comes to talking his walk.  At the 2006 MTV Europe Music Awards, he "stormed the stage" over not having won for Best Video.  The 2009 MTV Awards seemed somewhat of a replay when West grabbed the microphone in order to proclaim his displeasure with Taylor Swift's victory.

It should therefore come as no surprise that West has also sounded off about religion.  According to Andres Vasquez, West aired some of his personal views about Christ and Christians during a 2008 New Zealand press conference.  The following are some of West's most quotable comments from this interview:  I was raised as a Christian, and they're like "Be Christ-like.  Be Christ-like…"  I'm like, "No! I don't wanna… be Christ-like.  I want to be me-like."

Afterwards, West "bloggedly" admitted that he sometimes speaks without a filter.  With reference to his press-conference remarks, West explained:  I did not mean to be so harsh on the subject of Christianity being that I was a well-known Christian…  My entire life, being an African-American, Christianity was forced down my throat.  Since I was a child, I would ask questions like, "So are little babies that can't speak yet going to hell also?"  

For West, religion seems to be an ever-evolving process.  Back in the Jesus Walks heyday, West was looked upon as a Christian preacher in hip-hop clothing.  Wikipedia reports that more than three hundred fans "gave their lives to Christ" after West performed at their youth center.  So what happened?  Functional Culture somewhat answers this question by presenting these West quotes from a Bossip interview:  Christianity is embedded in who I am…   But, I do not believe that other religions are going
to hell.


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