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Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Jerry Lee Lewis: Devil's the real Killer

1977 Concert (Photo by Klaus Hiltscher) 
Jerry Lee Lewis, "killing us loudly" with his songshas spent a lifetime claiming that the Devil makes him do it.

According to, Lewis (like his cousin, Jimmy Swaggart) frequently attended Assemblies of God (AOG) churches while growing up.  He was even a student at AOG’s Southwestern Bible Institute and did some preaching, “but was expelled after only three months when he played a boogie-woogie version of the hymn ‘My God Is Real’ for morning assembly.”  His trademark music style has since included “more than a few Pentecostal hymns.”

Although Lewis is often remorseful about the life he has led (which has included bigamy, drug and alcohol
abuse, physical abuse, and a whole lotta profanity), he has also claimed to be a “rock ‘n’ roll cat” who is just
“too weak for the gospel.”   He is quoted in Steve Turner’s Hungry for Heaven as saying: I have the Devil in me.  If I didn’t, I’d be a Christian.

As for where he’s headed?  Way back in 1980, Lewis told People magazine:  …I don’t think I’m heading in the right direction…  If Lewis still feels too weak for repentance (metanoia – “doing a spiritual 180”), then repeatedly asking for the strength that only God can give might just be the next best step.


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