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Sunday, January 27, 2013

Waheguru: Sikh priest's salvation

Harmandir Sahib (Photo by Ian Sewell)
Punjab Singh, the well-known Sikh priest who was gunned down by a white supremacist last August, has been struggling to survive ever since.

Although Singh's medical prognosis has been described as "grim," his sons are convinced that a far different word will help their father to heal.  That word is "Waheguru" – a word which "their dad probably spoke more than any other in his lifetime."

The Associated Press reports that Singh's sons were taking turns at their nearly-comatose father's bedside, repeating the word "Waheguru" and watching for a response.  For weeks there seemed to be none.  However, a breakthrough occurred just recently.  Punjab Singh "began to move his mouth, apparently trying several times to say the word…"  Subsequently, "he moved his mouth to match the rhythm of their [his sons' "Waheguru"] syllables…"

According to, "Waheguru" is the "primary Mantra" of Sikhism.  Literally meaning "Wonderful Lord" in the Gurmukhi language, it references "the Almighty God; the Creator; the Supreme Soul; the Sustainer; etc." (somewhat comparable to the names "Allah" in Islam and "YHWH" in Judaism).  Other variations of the term "Waheguru" include "Vahiguru" and "Vahguru" (Vah meaning "wonder at the Divine might," gu meaning "spiritual darkness," and ru meaning "illumination brought to eliminate this darkness").

The power of this Mantra therefore comes from the Divine dispeller of spiritual darkness.  May the salvation of such Power continue to heal this beloved priest and his family.


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