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Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Can't live without... lipstick?

(Photo by Jen)
There once was a time when people would claim that they can't live without such things as prayer shawls and meditation mats.

Nowadays, answers to the question "What's The One Thing You Can't Live Without?" are a lot more…  earthbound?    

When asked by Good Housekeeping about the "everyday essentials" (cherished products) in their lives, respondents spoke of "sacred relics" such as these:  jeans (let's hear it for "tummy control"), pony tail holders (no veils for this crowd), lipsticks (pucker up), coffee makers (perk up), travel mugs, slippers, stevia, alarm clocks, flavored waters, and loveable (luggable) laptops.

It is said that you can tell more about a person from reading a checkbook than from reading an autobiography.  Nothing wrong with some modern comforts to help us get by.  However, sometimes it takes more than an alarm clock to truly wake folks up.


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