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Sunday, November 25, 2012

Larry Hagman: Death rehearsals

Larry Hagman in 2011 (Photo by Tabercil)  
Long before his actual demise, Larry Hagman had undergone some near-death experiences.  These were so inspirational that they greatly alleviated any fears associated with transition from this earthly realm.

An article by Dr. John Griffin for explains that Hagman's near-death experiences (NDEs) helped to shape his "love-centered worldview" – a view that was also shaped by his close marriage and family ties.  Griffin reports that Hagman had two major NDEs:  one assisted by the careful use of the psychedelic drug LSD, and the other triggered by post-operative liver-transplant conditions.

The LSD experience was a first for Hagman, and he carefully prepared for it by studying texts such as The
Tibetan Book of the Dead.  He was under the direct guidance of someone quite familiar with LSD, and made sure to take it within a carefully controlled environment.  This "trip" began with a "strong buzz just below his navel (the basal area of the kundalini energy of yoga)."  It then progressed with a series of visions: the first involved his long-deceased grandmother (who assured him that "all this was natural"); and the next
involved a trip through a tunnel into a diffused light, where he was telepathically told, "This is a glimpse of where you've been, where you're going, where you are all the time."  From these and other phases of this experience, Hagman concluded:  Death was just another stage of our development and that we go on to different levels of existence.

Hagman's second major NDE took place while recovering in an intensive care unit after his liver transplant.  There Hagman experienced a shamanic-type "vision journey," which was partly "propelled by the cocooning conditions of the hospital and the medications," and partly by focusing upon his "sacred song."  Hagman described this "celestial song" as follows:  Everyone has their own unique song, an inner melody that fuses each of us to the deep, modulating, harmonious hum of the celestial orchestra that's the collective energy of everything that's ever lived and ever going to live…     


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