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Saturday, November 3, 2012

John Lennon: The whole tooth

(from Gray's Anatomy)
When John Lennon said that the Beatles had become "more popular than Jesus," many were in an uproar.  Nevertheless, here we are almost 40 years later, and people are coveting Lennon's molar as if it were the relic of a saint.

According to ABC News, Lennon had given this tooth to his housekeeper in the mid-sixties (which would be about the time that he made the previously-mentioned infamous statement).  The housekeeper's family clung to it until just last year.  A dentist then purchased it at an auction for $31,000.  (Talk about gold fillings...)

This Canadian dentist, Michael Zuk, then "created three necklaces containing fragments of tooth" (think amulets) and sent one off to Tony Gedge.  Gedge, whose parents both had mouth cancer, "has made it his life's work to reduce the rates of oral cancer in his native Britain."  He has now "turned to one of John Lennon's molars" for help in fulfilling this mission. 

As did its original owner, Lennon's tooth will be going on tour.  Acting "agent" Gedge has lined up sixteen molar "gigs" for the next few weeks.  The tooth-necklace will travel from dental office to dental office, and adoring fans will be able to view it as an incentive for an oral-cancer screening.
Although this may seem like a somewhat humorous juxtaposition of events, oral cancer itself is no joke.  ABC reports that in the United States alone, 7,850 people died from this disease in 2010.
Lennon's life ended tragically, but other lives may yet be spared due to his enduring legacy.   
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