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Wednesday, August 15, 2012

George Jones: 'Religion' revision

George Jones (Photo by Secisek) 
Looks like George Jones is giving what he once dubbed his "religion" one last shot.  The Associated Press reports that "country music icon" Jones is "ready for one last go-round on tour before retiring from the road."

During an interview with John Gerome, Jones discussed his notorious past.  There was that two-week drinking binge, after which he "took off on a riding mower in search of another drink."
Then there was that "No Show Jones" nickname, a result of all those concerts lost to addiction. So what is it that kept Jones going?  When Gerome asked that question, Jones replied:  I have always loved traditional country music.  It has been like a religion for me…

Although this passion might have been "religion" enough to keep body and soul together (barely), it wasn't religion enough for soul to dominate.  After a 1999 DUI "horrible car wreck," Jones felt that "finally something put the fear of God" into him.  It was then that he turned to "Queen of Southern Gospel Music" Vestal Goodman for help.  After that, Jones told this to 700 Club's Cheryl Wilcox:  I just thank God I'm still here, and the main thing is to try and get closer and
closer to Him.

Jones also credits fourth wife Nancy with helping him to get his life straightened out.  While down to 105 pounds with doctors telling him that he "wouldn't last another two months if things didn't change," Jones met Nancy.  She stayed right by his side as Jones (then hospitalized) "went through 30 days of reading the Bible" and putting aside pretty much all else.  Jones then "found that way back with the Lord's help…"


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