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Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Multiverse: Are you the only you?

(Author:  K1234567890y)
Somewhere out there within the realm of possibility, another you may be reading another one of this very same article.

If you believe this, then you might also believe that “eternal inflation” is not just about the price of gas.  As the theory goes, the Big Bang quickly gave rise to different rates of space/time expansion.  The result was that “bubble universes” came into being, each potentially with their own type of physics.

According to, scientists in London have been searching for proof that this theory is more than just an intriguing fantasy.  They are operating on the principle that if there were bubble universes, then they must have at some point collided with one another.  When two soap bubbles collide, the point at which they intersect is circular.  In universal (or multiversal) terms, this translates into a circular cosmic “fingerprint” that is left behind in “the diffuse light left over from the Big Bang that pervades the universe” (aka the “cosmic microwave background” or “CMB”).  The London scientists are therefore looking for these circular cosmic “fingerprints” in the CMB.

This multiverse reality could potentially entail “infinite space and infinite universes.”  Some calculations then
suggest that there would have to be necessary repetitions.  This would lead to the conclusion that “copies of Earth and everyone on it exist somewhere else out there.”

If scientists were to discover telltale signs of multiverse collisions, that would be news indeed.  However, science would then just be reiterating what some religions have claimed long ago.  According to Wikipedia, the German term doppelganger has come to mean “any double or look-alike of a person.”  The ancient Egyptians believed in a ka (“spirit double”) which had “the same memories and feeling as the original person.”  In the Talmudic tradition, “to meet oneself means to meet God.”  The Hindu Bhagavata Purana asserts:  The countless universes, each enveloped in its shell, are compelled by the wheel of Time to wander within You…


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