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Tuesday, April 26, 2011

SSF-IIIHS: The pilgrimage begins here

(Montreal from Mont Royal)
There is a centuries-old saying about Mohammed and the mountain, allegedly traced back to essayist Francis Bacon.
According to the Phrase Finder, it goes like this:  If the mountain will not come to Mohammed, Mohammed will go to the mountain.

Montreal is such a “Mont Royal” to hundreds of spiritual seekers each year.  These thirsty pilgrims find an oasis right in the heart of the downtown metropolis.  To those in the know, that oasis is the Annual (this year 36th) SSF-IIIHS International Conference and College Week (2011 dates are July 8 to 17).  It will be held at the Hotel Delta Centre-Ville at 777 University Street.  Information about some surprisingly reasonable nearby accommodations can be found on the conference registration form.  Workshops are generally held in English – with additional French and Spanish translations during the weekend of July 8-10.

The conference begins that weekend with a burst of high-consciousness energy, shared by such notable speakers as Professors Marilyn and John Rossner, Dr. Raymond Moody, Dr. Melvin Morse, Grandmother Sara Smith, and Venerable Dhyani Ywahoo.  The remainder of the conference, including College Week and Weekend Two, is chock-full of inspiring workshops that reflect this year’s conference theme: Honoring
Both Sacred and Secular Contributions from Ancient Spiritual Insights and Emerging Future Sciences.

Workshop topics include the following:  Near Death Experiences, Vedic Music, Mind/Body Medicine, Kabbalah, Energy Diagnosis, Native American Healing, Remote Viewing, Reiki Self-Healing, Ayurvedic Medicine, Sufi Mysticism, Therapeutic Yoga, Energetic Wellness, Sound Healing, Ufology, Crystal Healing, Past-Life Regression, Interfaith Path,  Spirituality and Science.  There is ample time for socializing, networking, celebrating, and even sightseeing.

The SSF-IIIHS, founded by Professors John and Marilyn Rossner in 1975, is a heralded center for interfaith studies and services (SSF), plus a non-governmental organization affiliated with the United Nations that promotes “global inter-religious and intercultural understanding” and “the convergence of science, spirituality and universal human values” (IIIHS).


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