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Friday, March 11, 2011

Coconuts: What lurks within that hairy skull?

(Photo by Kulmalukko)
Although thousands are savoring the sweet smell of coconuts in everything from candles to cream, others are no doubt cowering at the very mention of the word.

These cowering multitudes have heard the ancient tales of the coco monster who comes by night to steal and/or devour wayward children.  Even those hardier kids who are able to overcome such notions with help of a pacifier will one day succumb to the coco refrains that are sung to them each night.  One popular so-called lullaby goes like this:  Sleep child, sleep now… Or else the Coco will come and eat you.  

Perhaps that’s why folks began eating coconuts.  What goes around, comes around.  However, that kind of tit-for-tat karma has no winners.  Coconuts fought back hard by falling out of trees unexpectedly.

Fortunately, this kind of all-out, inter-kingdom (plants and people) warfare is relatively rare.  People have long ago realized that coconuts make much better friends than enemies.  They have therefore made valiant efforts to get past the hairy-skull exterior in order to appreciate the sweet and wholesome gifts within.  And gifts there are plenty…

According to Wikipedia, coconuts have been essential components of Hindu rituals.  They are often offered to gods and goddesses, and are used to symbolize the womb at weddings.  Lakshmi, the Hindu goddess of
overall prosperity, is often depicted with a coconut.  The Ilokano people of the northern Philippines use
the coconut as an integral part of a ritual which honors their ancestors. 

Coconuts are important parts of houses, bridges, musical instruments, buttons, bowls, foods, medicines, and even emergency transfusions (coconut water is sterile until the coconut is opened, and can then be highly compatible with human blood).

Which all goes to show…  Even the thickest of skulls have nectar within.  

Did you know… 
Coconut-based candles can be both ecologically sound and deliciously inviting.  Casey Krebs highlights them in her Coconut Based Candles! post from her delightful blog  For an eco-spiritual experience, try using coconut candles to enhance a candle meditation.


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