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Sunday, October 13, 2013

Jewish by affinity: 1.2 million Americans

11th Century BC (Richardprins)
There have been many reports over the years of people denying Judaism in one way or another.  After surveying American Jews, the Pew Research Center is now reporting on the existence of a refreshingly different trend:  that of "Jewish affinity."

Tia Ghose of Live Science explains that a Pew survey "analyzed the nearly 0.5 percent of the U.S. population that consider themselves to be Jewish in
some way, even though they belong to a religion other than Judaism and
most have no Jewish ancestors or family members."

Whereas only 22 percent of actual Jews are affiliated with the Republican Party, "almost 42 percent of 'Jews by affinity' are Republican or Republican-leaning."  These "Jews by affinity" are strongly supportive of Israel and of America's friendship with Israel.

Many who show strong support for Israel are Evangelical Christians, "82 percent of whom believe that God
gave the Jewish people Israel…"  Pew research found that only half that percentage of American Jews believe the same about this matter.

However, only "a quarter of the Jewish-by-affinity group donated to a Jewish charity within the past year," whereas "more than two-thirds of religiously observant Jews" did.


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