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Saturday, April 30, 2016

Where 'Buffalo' Roam

Bison Skull Pile, Circa 1870s  (PD)
Unfortunately, the homes where "buffalo" (which are different from bison) used to roam are what’s been killing them off for centuries.

Whereas these homes used to be tepees and other earth-friendly dwellings, ranches that murder more animals than they preserve are now the rule.

So it's somewhat ironic that the bison is now being considered America’s “national mammal.”  No sacred cow there, bison burgers may soon be right alongside Whoppers at ubiquitous malls.

And yet, United States officials are now cooing over these bovine mammals as though they were, indeed, divine.  A CNN quote from Rep. William Lacy Clay reads as follows:  “No other indigenous species tells America’s story better than this noble creature.” Here’s another from Sen. John Hoeven:  “The bison… has for many years been a symbol of America… reflecting the pioneer spirit of our country.” 

And yet, wasn’t it these same “pioneers” who fostered near extinction for both the bison and their Native American neighbors?

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Friday, April 29, 2016

Pope Francis: Happy not appy

IOS9 Apple Apps  (Fair Use)
Contrary to popular opinion, happiness is neither a warm gun nor a mobile app.

Thus spaketh Pope Francis recently, while addressing “thousands of teenagers” at a mass “dedicated to youth.”  If happiness cannot be downloaded technologically, then how can it be attained?

Pope Francis explained to the crowd:  Freedom is not always about doing what you want.  In fact it is the gift of being able to choose the right way.

Continuing his mobile-phone analogy, one that he knew teenagers could easily relate to, the pontiff asserted “that living without Jesus was like not having any signal.”  Francis therefore cautioned these youths to stay closely connected to a network of “family, parish, school.”


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Thursday, April 28, 2016

Draymond Green: Sensationalism not cool

Houston City Hall  (Photo by Ed Schipul)
When a reporter tried to manipulate Draymond Green into equating the Houston floods with some Golden State losses, Draymond was quick to denounce this mean-spirited ploy.

Green immediately replied:  I pray for the City of Houston… I feel sorry for the people of Houston… 

He then continued:  I don’t know what you’re getting at, but you’re not getting it out of me…  Stop trying to do that.  That’s not cool…

Definitely not cool.  But what IS cool is Draymond’s passionate defense, whether on the court or off.  Some might even call it righteous indignation.


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